Festival Mission

The Paris Independent Film Festival aims to become one of the premier events for micro-budget and no-budget films in Europe. The Paris Indie offers a fantastic opportunity for indie filmmakers to showcase their achievements, with spaces reserved for first and second time filmmakers and for films with huge ambitions and tiny budgets.

The Paris Indie presents the best of low-budget filmmaking from around the world, and mixes it up with relevant industry discussions and targeted social networking events. This festival’s audience is Paris’ sizeable independent filmmaking community. It’s an indie film festival for indie filmmakers.

Festival Director

Our festival director is Claudine Biswas-MacKenzie M.A.

Festival Information 

Paris Indie Main Fbook Site

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Paris Indie Venue

November 20-24 2018 Katara Cinema on avenue Hoche, located within the Royal Monceau Raffles Paris.

There will be three sessions each night except the 22 à 18h, 20h & 22h.

There are no ticket sales available from our host cinemas. Tickets, including two free tickets for participants to each screening, are available half an hour before shows at the relevant cinema from the festival manager only. Remember tickets above and beyond passes are obtainable for the general public at the door 30 min. before each show. No pre-sales. Arrive earlier rather than later to ensure availability. We operate on a first come first served basis.

Participant filmmakers: There are two festival passes only per film in the form of free tickets to any screening of your choice. Please pick up your tickets 30 minutes before each screening at the door of the theatre from the manager only. Do not attempt to contact the cinemas individually as they are not responsible for ticketing. Please do not phone the cinemas asking to bring your posters or flyers to the venue as the cinema staff will not post them.

Being proactive about contacting local and international press ensures your premiere is a success at Paris Indie. Help us out on top of our core campaign by engaging in the promotion of your individual films scheduled within the context of Paris Independent Film Festival. The independent film sector needs all the lobbying it can get. Looking forward to seeing you all at the event this year.