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2018 Paris Independent Film Festival Screening Schedule

All screenings are at: Katara Cinema at Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris, 37 avenue Hoche, 75008

Tickets are to be obtained at the door of the Katara cinema, inside the Royal Monceau lobby. The festival manager will be there to greet you before shows. No reservations. Arrive up to 30 minutes before a screening.

Shorts Block 1 Nov 20 at 6pm
Skin Diver by Katya Abedian
The Master of Cuchillo by Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez
The Sheriff of Goodtimes by Brad Hinkle

Hi-Five the Cactus by Christopher Allan Thomas

Phantom Lover by Roland Ruby

Shorts Block 2 Nov 20 at 8pm
Mercury by Pierre Edelmann
Feeling Low : Lubiana by Mehdi Semoulin
It’s a Mess by Frank Prinzi
Like Me by Joseph Langley & Barny Burns
The Interrogation by Tung Ying Hsieh

Feature Nov 20 at 10pm
Underdogs by Téo Frank
Synopsis: An aspiring French director is only 18 when he decides to go to the other end of the Atlantic to start a documentary film on Hip-hop culture.

Shorts Block 3 Nov 21 at 6pm
Marionette by Juefang Zhang
Zed’s Dream by Julian Olariu
Cotton Candy by Vajiko Chachkhiani
Absence by Dorothee Briere
Punch the Coyote by Mathew Carr
Hi-Five the Cactus by Christopher Allan Thomas
Memories of a Third Planet by Nir Yaniv

Shorts Block 4 Nov 21 at 8pm
Unspoken Code by Jennifer Schwerin
Ave Marianne by Aurélien Sallé
Geometry by Simo Liu
The Amazon by Alexandra Naoum
Alone by Antoine Laurens

Mercury by Pierre Edelmann

Feature Nov 21 at 10pm
Paradogma by Marijn Poels
Synopsis: A thought-provoking journey through ancient tribal conflicts, in a new era wherein world views
clash and free speech crumbles under pressure to conform.

There are no screenings on November 22

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Shorts Block 5 Nov 23 at 6pm
Drawn by Fareed Kairon
Between Bridges by Gabriel De Almeida
O.C.D. by Jade Gautier
Scenes at the Sea by Zakharov Kirill

Shorts Block 6 Nov 23 at 8pm
Black Bull Incident Ep 3 by Rob Wright
Caecitas by Roxane Baudin
Chimes by Jannine Benkhardt
Frère Jacques by Dorian Masson & Julien Salhi
Kill Al by Walter Brandes, Renée Stork

Scenes at the Sea by Zakharov Kirill

Feature Nov 23 at 10pm
The Living by Fanny Caillibot & Leïla Daquin

Synopsis: After the death of her mother, Lena, eight years old goes to live with her aunt Fanny, whom she never met before. An ambiguous friendship arises between Lena and her Aunt’s boyfriend.


Shorts Block 7 Nov 24 at 6pm
Dna of Wild Beasts by Delphine Montaigne
Zoe + Ari by Rachael Meyers
Terefu and Her Children by Lowell Handler
The Big Moghol by Vincent Martin

Life and the Lady by Michelantony Dunston


Shorts Block 8 Nov 24 at 8pm
Caliban Remix by Charles Sharman-Cox
The Coach by Gael Gomez

Sweat by Beraat Gokkus
You Are Missing From Me by Stefano Da Fre
Phantom Lover by Roland Ruby & Roberta Kavendek
Someone Good Will Find You by Leelila Strogov
Tend by Tom Judd & Ed Barrett

Black Bull Incident Ep 3 by Rob Wright

Feature Nov 24 at 10pm
Decapitalization by Pierre Zellner
Synopsis: In 2020, in a social context more tense than ever, a community of activists loses one of their own after he is killed by police at a protest. Motivated by this drama, they decide to kidnap CEOs from the CAC 40 in order to force President Emmanuel Macron to apply anti-capitalist policies.























The management reserve the right to implement changes to the schedule.